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Closure explanation:

When I first started this blog over a year ago, I stated that this was a therapeutic release to help me cope with my experiences in Armstrongism. It has done just that, in combination with other therapeutic methods off-blog. Thanks to those who have taken the time to talk with me, and to listen to me, and my writings and thoughts released – I have grown very much in the past year, and have had many questions answered in this journey of dealing with my Armstrongism past. Please do not be surprised. I stated from the beginning in “about this blog”  that when this blog outdid it’s usefulness I would close it with little to no warning.

Lately, I have been pretty much burned out with COG related material and debating the future of this blog. What I do know is this – I feel I have written all I feel I needed to write. I have stated my opinions on Herbert Armstrong, the organizations, issues and controversies, and doctrines to a point where any other writings on these subjects would be simply repeating myself on subjects that have already been covered. You may have noticed my posts dwindiling month after month because of this for one reason.

And most importantly, I can only sum it up in one paragraph, which is this:

I am certain after much thought that I no longer feel the need to do this blog. I no longer wish to focus on the COG issues or the COG in my life. It is time I move on. For myself, the blog has accomplished it’s purpose as a personal therapeutic outlet in my life. I hope it has helped others in their lives. I may never know how much it has helped people – but my prayer is that it has. In my life, I feel that I now am able to put these things behind me and move forward, as I feel I have dealt with my past sufficiently and now only desire to move along and forward – and onward. Herbert Armstrong is dead, Armstrongism is dying, and I refuse to have it tied to my leg like a 50 lb anvil. It is time to cut free the anvil and move forward. This is why I am cutting myself from COG blogging. I’ve done all I can.

Writing a blog is a great therapeutic release, and I would highly recommend anyone who wishes to deal with their Armstrongism past consider doing exactly what I have done, and write it down – maybe even, share with others. Whatever your path, my only wish is that you see with an open mind the past you were not able to see, have the strength to accept it, and the wisdom to move forward, and the hope of a better life in the days to come. In our collective experience, we were burned by Armstrongism. Now, we must move forward and make life worth it.I’ll be commenting on other COG blogs if I need to.

The Cartoon Blog will stay open. This blog’s contents have been stored, but will not be accessible.  There are many COG related blogs out there for those who wish to learn about Armstrongism – some old, some very new. Please resource them for the latest information. For now, I am cutting myself from all things COG. I do not feel the need to subject myself any further to the negative energy of Armstrongism.

What I will be doing, possibly down the line, but not now –  when I have the need to write – is commenting and being involved in other COG blogs. Herbert is dead. But life continues. May we all live, and love  – life.  Jesus is alive – and at the end of all things, JESUS WINS.

John 3:16